Krka National Park: Croatia’s Summer Playground

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Have you ever dreamed about swimming in a crystal clear pool fed by a waterfall? One that you reach by hiking through the mountains to a secluded location? Then Krka National Park in Croatia is the destination for you!

The Krka River gently wends through Croatia’s Dinara mountains before reaching the turquoise depths of the Adriatic Sea. The mineral-rich river cascades over travertine waterfalls, with pools forming at their base. Skradinski Buk is the largest and most dramatic of the waterfalls and considered one of Croatia’s natural wonders.

Skradinski Buk Croatia

Skradinski Buk Waterfall Croatia

A well-kept boardwalk surrounds Skradinski Buk. It took me about two hours to complete the circuit, but this included frequent stops at the many viewpoints I found along the way. Swimming is allowed in the Skradinski pool, so wear your swimsuit to take a refreshing dip after finishing the walk. Some folks bring blankets and picnic baskets and while away an entire day in the shade of the trees next to the river. Those wishing to explore more of the park can continue on walking trails to a few other waterfalls.

Krka National Park Croatia

Swimming in Krka National Park Croatia

“Krka or Plitvice, which is better?” The short answer is that there is no wrong choice. Both parks feature extraordinary mountain landscapes dotted with lakes and waterfalls. Plitvice is probably better for more serious hikers as some of the trails are quite steep. Plitvice also warrants an overnight stay due to its more remote location. But swimming isn’t allowed in the Plitvice Lakes, so if that’s your dream, head to Krka. The following photos are from my walk in Krka National Park. To see shots from my visit to Plitvice, click here.

Krka National Park Croatia

Krka National Park Croatia

Krka National Park Croatia

Krka National Park Croatia

Walking in Krka National Park Croatia

Travertine waterfall in Croatia

I drove to Krka National Park on my two-week road trip up the coast of Croatia. It was an easy one hour drive from Zadar and I found free parking at the well-marked Lozovac entrance. If I had the trip to do over again, I would spend the night in the nearby town of Skradin and take a boat ride up the Krka River to see the island monastery. There’s just never enough time to do everything!

Krka River Croatia


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