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When I was a little girl, my parents gave me a beautiful globe that I loved to spin. I would stop it randomly with my finger and look up the place I landed on in our hard-bound encyclopedias. I was fascinated that so many countries existed in the world and were seemingly so different from the “small-town USA” life that I knew. My curiosity was heightened during World_globesophomore year in high school when an English teacher organized a group trip to Europe. Mom went along as a chaperon with a few other parents and together our group visited five countries in two weeks. It was a whirlwind tour that took us from London to Paris and saw us climb through a Swiss glacier and cruise down the Rhine river in Germany. I enjoyed the exposure to other cultures so much that I signed up for return trips to Europe with that same teacher for the next two years. By the time I entered college I had been to seven countries and was keen to see more. I set a goal of visiting 20 countries in my lifetime, which then seemed ambitious.

Fast forward through college, during which I only made it to Mexico and the Caribbean on spring break 0012901201016 trips, and my first year in the corporate world when I could barely afford to pay rent. Following a long-held dream, I moved to New York City, where I didn’t know a soul, and made a nice life for myself over the next few years. Though I took only one international trip during that time – to Japan, my first Asian country – I traveled quite a bit in the States for business and pleasure. A move to the DC-metro area lowered my rent considerably and gave me the means to start traveling in earnest. With Mom once again as my partner, we set about visiting most of western Europe.

Putting aside a career in marketing, I moved with my husband to Shanghai in September 2011
0376204725016and spent the next two years exploring China and the rest of East Asia. I discovered a particular fondness for the climate, cuisines, and friendly peoples of Southeast Asia and I hope to spend a lot more time in this fascinating region. Now, I’m excited to call Riga, Latvia home. There’s a whole big world out there and I hope to see most of it. I’ve already surpassed my goal of 20 countries and am off to a good start!

In honor of my past career in Marketing, here is a by-the-numbers look at Ferreting Out the Fun:

  • Countries Visited: 31
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites Visited: 58
  • U.S. States Visited: 29
  • Countries Lived In: 3 (USA, China and Latvia)



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  1. Hi Heather,

    We are connected on Twitter and I wanted to stop by your blog to read and learn more about you. I love your childhood story of the globe. I grew up traveling with my parents to Puerto Rico and Canada. I travel at least 3-4 times a year with my husband and while he’s traveled around more than I have, I still enjoy traveling with him! 🙂

    I enjoy connecting with my Twitter Followers and learning more about them through their blogs. I’m so happy I stopped in!!

    My Best,
    Ruthie Turner (aka RuthiesRoutes)
    Ruthie Turner recently posted…A touch of Latin Soul Food in Saint Petersburg, FL.My Profile

    • Thanks so much Ruthie, I appreciate your stopping by! I’ve been enjoying your Florida sunrise and sunset photos on Instagram 🙂

  2. Hello Heather, I’ve just returns from a new year holiday in Riga and have absolutely fallen in love with the city – so I completely understand why you’re having such a great time. Such a beautiful city with really warm and friendly people. We had a great new year celebration and plan to come back in the autumn to see Riga with a bit more colour. Great photos by the way, you’ve really captured Riga perfectly.
    Happy travelling!
    Chelle n Pip

    • Hello Chelle,

      Thank you so much for your comment! I’m very happy to hear that you enjoyed your time in Riga and plan to return for a second visit. The city is gorgeous any time of year, but is especially so in autumn when the leaves change.

      Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Heather, i recently founs your blog, since the Embassy posted a link. Why did you choose Latvia and how long have you been living there now? I live in the US and have Latvian roots. I visited for the first time 2 years ago and fell in love. Can’t wait to get back there one day soon!

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