Snapshot: Christmas in Shanghai

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Last year we celebrated the holidays in Hong Kong and Macau. Having recently returned from Thailand and Vietnam, and with more trips planned for 2013, we thought a quiet Christmas at home in Shanghai would serve us well. This also gave us the opportunity to see how our adoptive city in the PRC handles a Western religious holiday. Unsurprisingly, blatant commercialism ruled the day and resulted in over-the-top displays that left me perplexed and amused. I was actually moved to song:

Rainbow punk reindeer with shiny blue noses, 

Alien Santas with bears in odd poses,

 Red Mini Coopers as Christmas tree bling,

These are a few of my favorite things!


Nothing says Merry Christmas like an alien Santa riding a UFO!


The latest in tree ornamentation.






Santa making a stop on the Bund.


This stunning tree graces the lobby of the Fairmont Peace Hotel.


Carolers at a holiday party we attended.


The Christmas arrangement in the lobby of our apartment building.

We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and is looking forward to a bright new year full of fun and adventure!


5 thoughts on “Snapshot: Christmas in Shanghai

  1. I love that they celebrate Christmas in their own way. I think the decorations are great. Mom

  2. 2 comments:

    1. “Rainbow punk reindeer with shiny blue noses…”



    2. That apartment lobby? Woa – mighty nice digs! 😉

  3. For a country that’s not “Christian”, they sure are into Xmas! Vietnam isn’t quite that obsessed, but it IS weird hearing “Winter Wonderland” in the supermarket when it’s super hot outside!
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    • I don’t think they really got it, but they did try so hard! It helps that so many foreigners live in Shanghai. It’s weird being here in the States and hearing Christmas songs the day after Halloween. They used to at least wait until Thanksgiving!

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